PLOT is a RPG; specifically a journal of a single play-through session of single-player RPG ‘plot ARMOR’ by DC. In this RPG, a pilot and their mecha, ARMOR, discover a secret during a 32-episode series cour: they are invincible, and cannot die until the end of the series. The episode write-up is freeform, but as it ends dice rolls will dictate what impossible occurrence has saved the protagonist and the ARMOR from impending death, and more importantly which episode we will be watching next. For full rules, visit the game’s page on If you want to read it all, you can start at the beginning.

This series updates weekly; for updates, use the RSS feed, or follow on the fediverse or @___PLOT___ on Twitter.

Episode 13 is proving a tough nut to crack, and will be posted as soon as it's done; hopefully, within the week.

In the meanwhile, here's some seriously gorgeous art of Hera by CakeChoz:

An image of Hera, looking bashfully at the viewer, in her fitness uniform.